Shifa Cooperative Housing Society (SCHS) is an exclusive, gated residential community spread over 212 Kanals right on the Islamabad Highway near Khanna Pull and adjacent to Fazaia Colony. 

Envisioned by US-based physicians who founded Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad, the society is a serene and secure enclave right in the heart of the twin-cities.

Legal Structure

Shifa Cooperative Housing Society Limited, is duly registered under the Punjab Cooperatives Act 1925 and has received a no objection certificate (NOC) from the RDA. Each resident is a shareholder and member of the company. An annual general meeting (AGM) of all members is also held to allow each member of the society a chance to be heard, discuss high-level issues and elect a management committee which serves 3 year terms.  The management committee meets bi-monthly to review all society matters and manages the affairs similar to a housing association in the west.